Progress on “From Russia with Love” Case- Week Twelve Summary

Well a lot has developed this past week! Our agency has been out, about, and all over the country trying to find out what happened to Groom while in L.A. So far the evidence discovered has led us to a love triangle between Groom, Bond, and Misha. Bond seems to me angry with Groom over dating Misha and is threatening him. Not too long after, we discovered a hit request out on Groom from a “B”. Groom then contacted Misha in fear, which lead to Misha asking her brother for help with Groom’s safety. I’m not sure what her brother is suppose to do…

Later this week ANOTHER hit arrived at Headquarters for Bond. Now someone wants him gone too!? They left it with Victoire and she said it was all in Russian. Odd! I then had Shirley use her computer skills to check up on Bond but then he mysteriously disappeared. Was he hit? Is he in hiding? If so from who? So many twists and turns with this case.

Our evidence can be found at: My first set of notes and comments on earlier discoveries can be found here: Veronica‚Äôs Progress Report. And lastly my voice notes summing up the evidence thus far can be hear here: Veronica’s Notes 2.

Updates on the case can also be found by following @HitMe4Life and @VeronicaRed40. I hope we figure it out soon, Hit Me could use the money. -Veronica


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