“Hit Me” with the Week Eleven Summary

Another week has come and gone. This week I got together with my group and through Google Docs and group messaging we created our agency “Hit Me”. We take care of any “problems” you have and put them to rest. We created a website for our agency https://the1agency.wordpress.com/ as well as an email HitME4Life@gmail.com. In designing the website we all took various pages and together created the whole thing using our web assignments. For this week I created the Contact Form page, the Who can get the job done page, as well as Veronica’s Bio on the Staff page. For our agency I also created a twitter account @HitMe4Life to communicate with the ds106, noir106 world.

This week I also completed 10 stars of assignments. Five of them web: Veronica Smith’s Resume and Veronica’s Pintrest and five of them design: Hit Me Agency Card and Hit Me Warning Poster. I was happy that we were able to pick what category in the assignment bank we wanted to do for half. I think having that freedom allows me to be more creative. Most of the assignments I did this week went to benefit the creation of “Hit Me”. I am curious to see where this agency will go in the world of noir106.

Lastly for this week I shared my thoughts about works/blogs I saw in Commenting Noir part 5. A lot of good work and agencies out there! Also this week I completed two Week Eleven Daily Creates. Until next week, enjoy! -Veronica

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