Filming Week Nine- Weekly Summary

To start off video week I first finally ended radio show week. On Tuesday our Get A Clue radio show aired and I think it was a huge success. The ds106 world seemed to enjoy it and love/ hate the characters. But the radio show was not without its faults either. To read my final views and reaction to the radio show check out my Radio Show Reflection- Get A Clue. Also to end radio week I listened along and live tweeted to about murder-mystery clue inspired show Dinner Party for 6. My reaction and review of that show can be found here: Dinner Party for 6 Review.

For video week I read “How to Read a Movie” and watched Kiss Me Deadly, as well as several other short film making clips. Taking all these I combined what I learned and watched and created my Kiss Me Deadly Video Essay. Analyzing this movie was easy but filming it on Google Hangouts was much harder. I have to say video week was not my favorite. I much prefer audio and others. Also this week for video I decided to go the assignment bank route. I completed 8 stars this week. My first video was What’s On My Key Chain? and was just a fun, simple video I recorded. The second video I made was 5 stars for my character Veronica and her friend Shirley Mayfield. This one was much more complex in making and can be found here: My Special Person Montage: Shirley Mayfield. This week I also registered Veronica’s Page with ds106. I always had a page/category made for her so to read just about Veronica check out the page!

Lastly for this week I completed two daily creates, which can be found here: Week Nine Daily Creates. Well thus concludes my radio show as well was video week. See you next week. Enjoy! -Erin

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