Did you hear what I did this week?- Week Four Summary

Well another week has come and gone. I’ve learned a few new things this week pertaining to the audio world. I also didn’t realize how much audio really affects a scene. In the two clips we needed to watch for this week from “Touch of Evil” the presence of the street sounds, and then lack-there-of in the second recording, really affected and enhanced the mood/suspense of the scene. The affects of audio could also be heard in the ds106 radio show. The use of sound effects really adds to a story in which there is no visual to watch. Sounds help a listener imagine and stay intrigued with the story line. To read more about the audio for this week read: Audio Reflection.

Also at the start of this week I downloaded and played around with Audacity. It took some fooling around with and recording different things. But once I got the copy and paste aspects down as well as some of the main buttons, I was hooked. I have never worked with any type of software like this before so at first I was worried that it was going to be hard. But I played around, did my first project, and then I really got the hang of it. I liked using it. I also liked how easy it was to upload files from audacity of SoundCloud. For this week I completed 9 stars worth of audio assignments. This included the mandatory Sound Effects Story- Veronica’s Morning, which I did about my character Veronica, as well as Can’t get it out of my head- Guess the song! (You’ve been Rick Rolled), and Greatest Hits!. For this week I also created a Radio Bumper for ds106 radio. I am really happy with the way it turned out. I got the idea for a mini, suspenseful, murder bit from all the noir films and radio shows we have been watching for class.

This week I also completed 2 daily creates that can be found here: Week Four Daily Create. There seemed to be a dog theme for a lot of this weeks creates. So I complete the “I’m Sorry” dog, as well as an International Dot Day sketch. Who knew there was an international day for dots!? Lastly for this week I brainstormed some ideas for our radio show coming up. I really like the idea of having the radio show group deal with a crime or murder or something with suspicion and questioning of each other. My list of ideas can be found here: Can you hear what I’m thinking?. Well thus concludes week four, see you next week. Enjoy! -Erin

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