Designing My Fifth Week Summary

Another week, another summary. This week design allowed me to view the world in a new light. I read about design this week in The Vignelli Canon and my thoughts on the short book and be found here: Vignelli Canon. I also for the first time read and watched about copyright and creative commons laws. Some things I knew, others I didn’t and my views on the subject can be found here: Copyright Thoughts. This week for design I watched Double Indemnity, a 1940s noir film involving a complex plot of murder, betray and suspicion. This week I completed 13 stars of assignments from the design bank. 6 Stars for my character Veronica: Newspaper Design and Veronica‚Äôs Phone. As well as 7 stars with One Movie/ Four Icons and Professor Groom Poster. These assignments were fun and I enjoyed developing my character further. My 4 1/2 star assignment this week (the Groom Poster) was the hardest one. So much editing and photo shop went into it. Another difficult assignment this week was “searching” my world for forms of design. These design elements can be found in my Design Blitz. Lastly this week I completed 3 daily creates which can be found here: Week Five Daily Create. After this week I’m not sure how I feel about design. I wasn’t my favorite of all the things we’ve done in this class so far. I hope next week is more interesting then this ones. See you next week. Enjoy! -Erin

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