Collaborating in Week Eight- Summary

For starters this week I tuned into ds106 radio to hear some of the student radio shows. I was impressed! I live tweeted along and wrote up a the maNOIRpulators Review. The maNOIRpulators use of sound effects is what really got me. They used them so well that it allowed me to really imagine the story with out seeing it. They set the scene very well. I also like their use of voice manipulation and the way their characters interacted. The twists and turns in their storyline really made it interesting as well.

For my assignments this week I completed 10 stars of audio and visual assignments. I decided go back to my radio show group and collaborate from there. Since our characters already “knew” each other from the show I took it from there! Veronica left a voicemail for her BFF Shirley Mayfield about a shopping trip: Veronica Smith’s phone call to Shirley Mayfield. Next Veronica created a radio commercial for Shirley’s department store Mayfields:Mayfield’s Advertisement by Veronica. This assignment was my favorite to do because I was able to further imagine and add onto Stephanie White’s character and store. For my last assignment, Beware Lawrence Spitler Poster, I designed a warning poster based off of Tiffany Yowell’s character. In our radio show Lawrence was a man who lets just say loved ladies and had to ties. So after Veronica’s encounter with him she created a warning sign so Lawrence could not trick any more women.

Also this week I wrote up four posts about other students that inspire them. Finding these posts were not hard because I had commented on them in the last few weeks, so they were saved. My inspire posts can be found here:Who inspires me- part 1, Who inspires me- part 2, Who inspires me- part 3, Who inspires me- part 4. Also speaking of commenting some of my comments, thoughts and advice from this week can be found here:Commenting Noir part 3. Also this week I created Veronica a twitter account. She can be found at @VeronicaRed40.

Lastly for this week I completed 3 daily creates, all of which can be found here:Week 8 Daily Creates. I hope you like my collaborations for Veronica, Enjoy! -Erin


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