Broadcasting Week 7

Not much changed this week as apposed to last week. I worked on my section of the radio show, Veronica’s character and a bumper. It was really hard getting together as group but I was able to meeting up with a few group members separately. With the help of the Google Doc and twitter everyone was able to contribute and do their part. More about our progress and process on “Get A Clue” can be found here: Radio Show Progress #2. In the end everyone recorded their parts separately and then we spliced all the sections together. A link to our finished radio show can be found here: Also this week I completed 3 daily create found here: Daily Create Week 7. I have to say my favorite was the emoji story. I really enjoyed creating a small story based on the five pictures. Lastly this week I commented on noir. My advice and like comments can be found here: Commenting Noir Part 2. It was amazing to see everyone’s great radio show ideas. It was also reassuring that other groups were having a hard time getting together. All worked out in the end! Overall it was an easy week because most of the radio show got done last week. I really liked creating my character further and giving her a voice. I also really enjoyed putting her story into the context of other character’s stories. I hope you enjoy our murder mystery radio show “Get A Clue”. Till next week… Enjoy! -Erin

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3 Responses to Broadcasting Week 7

  1. Abigail Dunn says:

    I really like the idea of your radio show. It reminds me of the game clue and it’s so dramatic. Great job!

  2. I agree with the comment above. Your idea for the show is great and its interesting to see how it plays out just like how it is interesting when you are playing the game clue and seeing how that plays out.

  3. Sharla says:

    Nevermind, I’m sorry I think it’s my internet connection. I love the concept great work!

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