Becoming Veronica Smith- Week Ten Summary

Well another week done! I have to say although I’m still not a huge video fan, I am liking it a tad more then last week. To start off this week I fully transformed into Veronica Smith. I answered Professor Bond’s interview questions. They were a little strange and dark but the video of my answers can be found here: Interview with Veronica Smith. Since I did assignment bank projects last week, I took on the challenge of 15 stars this week. In total I completed 15 1/2 stars of video assignments. Some of them were easy and quick, others were hard and took several days to finish. This weeks assignments can be found here: The Four Looks for Veronica Smith, Dear Sixteen Year Old Veronica, This Is My Story- Veronica Smith, and Join the War Effort!: PSA by Veronica Smith. Also for this week I grouped up with several people from our radio show Get A Clue to create an agency. Our team of four can be found here: Organizing the Final Unit. I am excited to see what we come up… beware we are creative and daring ladies. Also for this week I commented giving advice, asking questions… lots of great work found here: Commenting Noir part 4. Finally I completed three Week Ten Daily Creates. Till next week, enjoy! -Veronica

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