Week Thirteen Summary- From Russia With Love CASE CLOSED

Well what a long week it has been piecing this case together with the members of my agency. We found it best to communicate by phone calls and emails. Since we had all our members doing different tasks and in different places were able to solve the case fairly quickly. It was just the finally piecing together that took time. Didn’t want to give our client the wrong answer. The full case with our evidence and full story line can be found here.

To sum up the case it seems that Misha and Groom met through a mutual friend, Bond. The two of them hit it off and began dating, this made Bond very angry with Groom since Bond liked Misha too. However Misha did not like Bond that way. This resulted in Bond wanting Groom to disappear thus him contacting our agency Hit Me. Misha picked up on the hostile tensions between Bond and Groom and asked her brother to get involved. Misha’s brother was very worried for Groom so kidnapped him for his safety. This would explain all the “friendly” photos in the original case file. While Groom was kidnapped by Misha’s brother, the brother contacted Hit Me to have Bond killed. Bond caught wind of this and disappeared of the grid for his own safety. Seeing all of the craziness, Misha decided to run away with a new man, Jack, leaving both Groom and Bond. And as if this wasn’t a twist enough turns out according to a tweet and photo of the Russian Tea Room that Misha is actually named Martha… Burtis perhaps??

Its strange all the things that can happen within one love triangle. Enjoy! -Veronica

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  1. Gyeore Lee says:

    I had same case too! I ended up with different result but I really like your outcome! Nice work!

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