Veronica’s Progress Report

So our agency has been given a new case, From Russia with Love. It’s not the kind of case we are used too but non the less if money’s involved we’ll do it. Something is definitely fishy with this case. Many thoughts went through my head when first reviewing the case files. While my team is out and about pulling evidence I, being the Boss, am back at headquarters. Seeing if anything turns up in the home front. So far a few things have been unearthed. Seems Groom “BO” and Misha have or had a thing going on. Groom seems to think Bond is after him. And maybe rightly so we here at Hit Me received a Hit called out on Jim Groom. What are the odds… Misha also seems to think Groom is in trouble and calls her brother in to help. Our discovered evidence so far is below. But have to get back to the agency now… It’s not going to run itself. -Veronica

A Letter to Misha from BO

Hit Me at your Service

Misha’s Brother Gets Involved


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