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Being that I love fashion, hair, and all things New York I have created a pintrest! Four different boards to organize my interests. Fashion for those lovely dresses and styles. Hair for those gorgeous victory curls. Shoes… well lets face it every women needs pumps. And New York just to add some of the excitement and landscape of the big city. If you are interested in any of these please follow me, and feel free to share any pins you think I would love!

This assignment was on the easier side. Since Veronica already had a email address I just created her an account. Then I created several boards for her: Fashion, Hair, Shoes, and New York. To find the pins I typed in “1940” into the search and went from there organizing into the different boards. To get more specific pins I used “1940 [name of board]”. To see Veronica’s pinterest more in full visit:

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3 Responses to Veronica’s Pintrest

  1. You did a really great job creating your noir character a Pinterest profile. I also did this as on of my star assignments this week.

  2. I am intrigued by how you made certain boards dedicated to different parts of fashion, such as hair, clothing, etc. It really shows your personality and you definitely have style.

  3. Gyeore Lee says:

    Your Pinterest is so organized. I also did this assignment, but did not think of creating several boards. So, my character’s Pinterest seems so messy. I definitely can see your character’s interests! :)

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