Veronica Smith’s Resume

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Veronica Smith Resume

Veronica Smith, an intelligent, talented, successful lady for her time. I first began working when I 11 on my family farms. I worked there until I graduated high school and began working at the Hideaway lounge. During that time I did some small work with the United Service Organization with radio advertisements. I am now have a new job at the Stars and Stripe Bar in New York! I’m ready to make the move!

I based Veronica’s resume off of the jobs I had for her already. I added the family farm job and played around the years to make them accurate for someone born in 1920. The organization style I took out of my own resume. I went with this font to create a type writer feel since she is in 1942. This to me was also simple yet professional, and a proper length for a women of 22 years old. I elaborated in more detail what Veronica did at work. I also added some duties other than singing, like managing, to prepare her for the Agency. She is a smart girl and singing is only one of her many talents…

I uploaded the resume using Flickr, it was difficult trying to upload the Microsoft word file or any other image because of it pixelating.

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  1. Love the text you used, it made it really authentic. Nice information on your character!

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