The Four Looks for Veronica Smith

3 1/2 Stars

Since I am constantly on stage almost 7 days a week. I have to use various facial ques when singing to convey the emotion of the song. These “looks” have also transferred into my personal life. Since many people in my small town know me and expect such from me and the Hideaway Lounge I have some up with four signature looks. The first is the USO. One of my dreams is sing and tour with the United Service Organizations (USO). This is professional look and one fit for the traveling stage. The second is the Rosie. This soft look is popular for any 1940s women, whether at her new job or out on the town. Thirdly is the Singer. For my nights on stage this expression is fit for my more romantic and jazzy songs. Lastly is the Patriot. This basic and average look is appropriate for any war time activity. It shows support and victory for those over seas in Europe and in the Pacific.

Video wise this was an easy video to make. A black and white filter was added to create a 1940s looks. Coming up with the names was not that hard. I took several aspects for Veronica’s life: singing, women in 1940s, and World War Two and turned them into catchy, short names. After making the names I created characteristics of what each look would be for based off the name. For example, Rosie is feminine name and sounding so therefore its a softer look.


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