My Special Person Montage: Shirley Mayfield

5 Stars

Take a journey through the friendship of Shirley Mayfield and Veronica Smith. Shopping pals, with a flare for fashion and fun this video from Veronica to Shirley is a symbol of their friendship. Friendship is very near and dear to Veronica’s heart and she created this video to honor her best friend.

This video was no easy task. At first it seemed easy but I quickly realized it would take time. I first found several period pictures on Google. I tried to keep all the girls within the pictures looking some what the same… to create a visual identity with Veronica and Shirley. After I found all the imagines, I knew I wanted to add words… but how? I searched and searched on YouTube to see if such a thing was possible. If there was I couldn’t find it. So plan B! I used PowerPoint to type out my slides. I used a black background to stick to the black and white theme. I used courier font because to me it looks like typewriting and therefore more 1940s. I typed out my sentences on 7 slides and then made them into photos. I finally uploaded all the slide photos and other pictures and arranged them in the order I wanted. I played around with the slide transitions and durations. I also added a jazz tune for more 1940s effect. This assignment was fun to make but was also tedious at times. I hope Shirley enjoys Veronica’s video montage!


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2 Responses to My Special Person Montage: Shirley Mayfield

  1. Paul says:

    Making videos can be tedious, even more so than audio, but it’s cool when it comes together. The text portions give it an old-time, silent movie feel, which goes well with the B&W photos and the music. The one thing I would do differently is identify the tune and composer/performers – it’s always a good habit.

  2. This is an awesome video! Shirley is surely one cool gal! I am so glad Shirley and Veronica are such great friends! This is a great tribute to their friendship! I absolutely love it :)

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