Interview with Veronica Smith

Veronica Smith here to answer Professor Bond’s questions. I hope everyone understands the why I choose some of the answers I did. Coming from the 1940s some of my responses maybe out of date by now. I don’t even know if those in the future will know of Judy Garland or The Great Gatsby.

Making this video was fun and I loved being able to make it dated in the 1940s. You will see more historically accurate dating from Veronica in the future! Dressing the part was easy and so was the filming. It took some creativity for a few of my answers but overall I knew what I wanted to say. I added a black and white filter to add to the time frame and I played with the lights and shadowing in my apartment… however I don’t think it was enough for the video to really see. A link to Bond’s question video can be found here:

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3 Responses to Interview with Veronica Smith

  1. Love the detailed answer for number 6 – a story in itself. Great to see the time alignment to the 40’s. Veronica has my attention. :-)

    Critical Friend feedback – It would have been helpful to know what the questions were. Perhaps as text slides or audio edited in between or some other creative way….

  2. Great job with this interview! I love the attitude your character gives! You had some very clever answers too!

  3. Blair Morgan says:

    Nice Interview! Your answers were very thoughtful!

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