Hit Me Agency Card

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Veronica Smith “The Boss” of the new agency Hit Me. If you don’t know what we are about then you don’t need our services. https://the1agency.wordpress.com/

The creation of our agency’s card was simple. I found the background image online and felt it would be a nice design. Our agency has men and women and the shadow really could be either. The image also left me with a lot of white space to write in. I used red lettering to make the agency’s name and motto pop out. The red I think accents the black and white well, and also is the color of danger. Then I added our contact information in black as a secondary feature. Also the black is a tad more hidden so if you want to contact us you have to find us… and be sure you want our services.


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2 Responses to Hit Me Agency Card

  1. Gyeore Lee says:

    When I first saw your card, I thought that the white background was arrow shape. But realized that it was a man’s shadow. You did really great job with capturing viewer’s attention by using contrast colors! I really love your card! :)

  2. Paul says:

    Like Gyeore said, it’s a great use of negative space.

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