Calling Veronica Smith, Calling Veronica Smith

2 Stars

For this assignment I was too create a “bird call” that would used for a character. I choose to use my character, Veronica Smith. She loves fashion, music and the social life. Which is why I used the sounds that I did. To catch Veronica’s attention the sound of high heels, music, or the ringing of her rotary phone would work. I decided to make the call go full circle and made the high heel noise start and end the piece. I edited in Audacity and got the sounds from The hardest part of this assignment was actually finding it. The audio assignment back in a little skimpy on assignments that are character driven. Especially since all the character ones I originally did in the first audio week.

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2 Responses to Calling Veronica Smith, Calling Veronica Smith

  1. Brenda Levoy says:

    This is really good. You picked good sounds for this project, it is easy to picture what is going on.

  2. Amanda says:

    I really liked this! Try using the fade in and fade out effects to help your pieces flow together more smoothly, someone suggested that to me and it really helped get everything not to sound so separate! Other than that I think this has really good sounds that flow together and help create a scene that can be imagined.

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