A Week on the Sound Waves- Week 6 Summary

I am so glad we went back to audio this week, and next. This seems to be my favorite “topic” we’ve done so far. For this week I’ve gotten into a radio show group and we have come up with a murder mystery show based on the game Clue. The characters we have all made will be in the show, so stay tunes to hear Veronica’s debut. I am interested to see how the radio show will work and am glad my group members are bringing great ideas to the table. More about our radio show “Get A Clue” and be found here: Radio Show Progress. After we established our show idea I created a promo poster to advertise. I took a “less is more approach” playing with various fonts, colors, and graphics. The Get A Clue Promo Poster can be found here. Also this week on Thursday night I listened to ds106 radio. I noticed a lot of good sound effects being used to enhance the story. My favorite story of the night was Jack the Ripper however, it still baffles me why they would turn the lights out in the room with the killer. I also liked the strange twist at the end, but personal I think the ending could have been better. For this week I completed 13 1/2 stars worth of audio assignments. 6 1/2 of those stars were dedicated for my character, Veronica. *Note: I found it really difficult to find audio assignments that could be used for my character. Most of them dealt with music or sound effects of your day/time.* Veronica’s assignment posts can be found here: Veronica’s Answering Machine, The Sounds of Veronica’s Time, and Calling Veronica Smith, Calling Veronica Smith. My other audio assignments for the week can be found here: Sounds of My Day and Soundboard Conversation with Elvis. Lastly this week I commented on 10 posts by other ds106-ers. Some of my comments were advice, questions, or just comments on how cool their assignment was/ their awesome editing skills. To read my comments click on the links inside my Commenting Noir post. I hope you like hearing my audio clips from this week. Enjoy! -Erin

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2 Responses to A Week on the Sound Waves- Week 6 Summary

  1. You did a really good job documenting what you did this past week into your weekly summary. I really enjoyed looking at all your noir character posts.

  2. pboyle5912 says:

    The “get a clue” sounds great. As long as you can all make each other laugh and your having fun it makes things so much better.

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