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Week Nine Daily Creates

#1: A Dream Staircase #2: Artsy Blur photo

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Collaborating in Week Eight- Summary

For starters this week I tuned into ds106 radio to hear some of the student radio shows. I was impressed! I live tweeted along and wrote up a the maNOIRpulators Review. The maNOIRpulators use of sound effects is what really … Continue reading

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Week 8 Daily Creates

#1: My Different Sides #2: What makes me LOL #3: Groom Ransom Note

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Commenting Noir part 3

Here are some of my comments of the last week. Advice, questions and admiring mostly. I was also amazed to see that someone Inspired one of my design works! It was a surprise and thank you to that person, you … Continue reading

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Broadcasting Week 7

Not much changed this week as apposed to last week. I worked on my section of the radio show, Veronica’s character and a bumper. It was really hard getting together as group but I was able to meeting up with … Continue reading

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Commenting Noir Part 2

Some of my comments from the week. Things I liked, had advice for, and just overall commenting. http://mboleis.com/daily-create/life-is-short-smile-while-you-still-have-teeth/#comment-194 http://konarheim.com/assignments/waldorf-and-statler-present-eastside/#comment-71 http://mboleis.com/daily-create/were-going-on-a-trip-in-our-favorite-rocket-ship/#comment-218 http://konarheim.com/assignments/guys-vs-dolls-commercial-standoff/#comment-72 http://i-am-think-will.com/daily-creates/reservoir-dogs-blue-and-orange-edition/#comment-74 http://mboleis.com/daily-create/always-listen-to-grandma/#comment-227 http://janellegelino.com/radio-show/stardust-airlines-radio-commercial/#comment-346 http://konarheim.com/assignments/oriental-drugs-ok-not-that-kind/#comment-74 http://kinzer.us/noir-106/they-brainwashed-her/#comment-118 http://konarheim.com/assignments/eastside-theme-song-well-almost/#comment-75  

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Week 7 Daily Creates

#1: Emoji Story My emoji story! #ds106#noir106#dailycreate#aliencowboypic.twitter.com/3J30katsCM — Erin Clark (@eriee27) February 25, 2015 #2: Deep Space 106 (Props to anyone who gets my reference, despite my bad drawing skills) #3: Teal and Orange

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A Week on the Sound Waves- Week 6 Summary

I am so glad we went back to audio this week, and next. This seems to be my favorite “topic” we’ve done so far. For this week I’ve gotten into a radio show group and we have come up with … Continue reading

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Designing My Fifth Week Summary

Another week, another summary. This week design allowed me to view the world in a new light. I read about design this week in The Vignelli Canon and my thoughts on the short book and be found here: Vignelli Canon. … Continue reading

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Did you hear what I did this week?- Week Four Summary

Well another week has come and gone. I’ve learned a few new things this week pertaining to the audio world. I also didn’t realize how much audio really affects a scene. In the two clips we needed to watch for … Continue reading

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