Veronica Smith’s Resume

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Veronica Smith Resume

Veronica Smith, an intelligent, talented, successful lady for her time. I first began working when I 11 on my family farms. I worked there until I graduated high school and began working at the Hideaway lounge. During that time I did some small work with the United Service Organization with radio advertisements. I am now have a new job at the Stars and Stripe Bar in New York! I’m ready to make the move!

I based Veronica’s resume off of the jobs I had for her already. I added the family farm job and played around the years to make them accurate for someone born in 1920. The organization style I took out of my own resume. I went with this font to create a type writer feel since she is in 1942. This to me was also simple yet professional, and a proper length for a women of 22 years old. I elaborated in more detail what Veronica did at work. I also added some duties other than singing, like managing, to prepare her for the Agency. She is a smart girl and singing is only one of her many talents…

I uploaded the resume using Flickr, it was difficult trying to upload the Microsoft word file or any other image because of it pixelating.

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Becoming Veronica Smith- Week Ten Summary

Well another week done! I have to say although I’m still not a huge video fan, I am liking it a tad more then last week. To start off this week I fully transformed into Veronica Smith. I answered Professor Bond’s interview questions. They were a little strange and dark but the video of my answers can be found here: Interview with Veronica Smith. Since I did assignment bank projects last week, I took on the challenge of 15 stars this week. In total I completed 15 1/2 stars of video assignments. Some of them were easy and quick, others were hard and took several days to finish. This weeks assignments can be found here: The Four Looks for Veronica Smith, Dear Sixteen Year Old Veronica, This Is My Story- Veronica Smith, and Join the War Effort!: PSA by Veronica Smith. Also for this week I grouped up with several people from our radio show Get A Clue to create an agency. Our team of four can be found here: Organizing the Final Unit. I am excited to see what we come up… beware we are creative and daring ladies. Also for this week I commented giving advice, asking questions… lots of great work found here: Commenting Noir part 4. Finally I completed three Week Ten Daily Creates. Till next week, enjoy! -Veronica

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Join the War Effort!: PSA by Veronica Smith

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I am perhaps one of the most patriotic women of my day. I do all I can to help the war effort from home. Although I love shopping, I reuse and mend my clothing. I buy war bonds, and of course am a professional at rationing. Although I do not work in a factory, I do do my part in entertain the many soldiers that pass through Clarkson and the Hideaway Lounge. I try to use my time on stage to help them forget of everything else… even if its just for one song. I believe that every women needs to do their part in this war. Small or large, we can all help the war effort!

Making this Public Service Announcement was quite fun, however very time consuming. First, I wrote the short script for my PSA. Then I found real war time posters and put them together on a YouTube slideshow. I made the first slide with PowerPoint. I read through my script with the video to judge how long to make each slide… 6 seconds it was. Next I recorded my script with Audacity. I also overlapped a projector noise and some background music to give it a true 1940s, something you see in a cinema, feel. After the audio was all done I recorded it onto YouTube as a separate video (It wouldn’t just let me insert my MP3 file, not sure why?). Once I uploaded the two I put them into creator studio and trimmed and did final editing on the video which was a little harder then I thought, having the two match up perfectly. But I did it! Watch my World War Two PSA and Help the War Effort!!


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Week Ten Daily Creates

#1: Your Own Words of Wisdom Inspirational Poster


#2: Make some tree art!


#3: Talk to a Stranger





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Organizing the Final Unit

For the final unit of ds106 and the creation of our agency some of us from Get A Clue have grouped together. I will be working with Shirley Mayfield (Stephanie White), Lawrence Spitler (Tiffany Yowell), and Victoire (Megan Rosengrant). I am excited to be working with this group again! I can’t wait to get the agency, story and creative ideas flowing.

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Commenting Noir part 4

10 of my comments from Week Ten. Advice, questions, applause… some real great work within these comments!!










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This Is My Story- Veronica Smith

3 Stars

Want to get to know me more? Find out my likes, hobbies, dreams… then watch my video. In just a little over a minute you can learn the basics, and hopes and dreams of Veronica Smith. From small farm town life to big city living.

I choose to do this assignment because I feel it was a easy way to expand on Veronica. Talk about her life, family, home, hobbies, goals, etc. I first wrote out the note cards you see to tell her story, highlighting special words. After filming I found a cover version of one of my favorite 1940s songs, I’ll Be Seeing You. I originally wanted to overlay the real Billy Holiday version of the song, but it just wasn’t working. So I got the cover that you see curiosity of YouTube. Finally I added a black and white filter to fit Veronica’s 1940s character. I chose to end with a question to hopefully get other characters to respond to this video… So I ask again, What is your dream?


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Dear Sixteen Year Old Veronica

4 stars

Although 16 was not too long ago for me… 6 years to be exact. A lot has changed in my life and in the world. In this letter to a younger me I tell myself to keep with my passion of singing and not to let anyone tell me different. I tell myself to just be me! I assure myself that things will get better, and even though there is a war on things have improved.

I treated writing this letter as if I was to write one to myself, Erin. I gave advice and reassured my character that what they loved and what they were doing was not unnoticed in the world. Of course I geared the passion and interests to fit Veronica’s character. Over all this was an easy assignment, once of course I wrote out the letter. As always I applied a black and white filter to fit in with the time.

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The Four Looks for Veronica Smith

3 1/2 Stars

Since I am constantly on stage almost 7 days a week. I have to use various facial ques when singing to convey the emotion of the song. These “looks” have also transferred into my personal life. Since many people in my small town know me and expect such from me and the Hideaway Lounge I have some up with four signature looks. The first is the USO. One of my dreams is sing and tour with the United Service Organizations (USO). This is professional look and one fit for the traveling stage. The second is the Rosie. This soft look is popular for any 1940s women, whether at her new job or out on the town. Thirdly is the Singer. For my nights on stage this expression is fit for my more romantic and jazzy songs. Lastly is the Patriot. This basic and average look is appropriate for any war time activity. It shows support and victory for those over seas in Europe and in the Pacific.

Video wise this was an easy video to make. A black and white filter was added to create a 1940s looks. Coming up with the names was not that hard. I took several aspects for Veronica’s life: singing, women in 1940s, and World War Two and turned them into catchy, short names. After making the names I created characteristics of what each look would be for based off the name. For example, Rosie is feminine name and sounding so therefore its a softer look.


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Interview with Veronica Smith

Veronica Smith here to answer Professor Bond’s questions. I hope everyone understands the why I choose some of the answers I did. Coming from the 1940s some of my responses maybe out of date by now. I don’t even know if those in the future will know of Judy Garland or The Great Gatsby.

Making this video was fun and I loved being able to make it dated in the 1940s. You will see more historically accurate dating from Veronica in the future! Dressing the part was easy and so was the filming. It took some creativity for a few of my answers but overall I knew what I wanted to say. I added a black and white filter to add to the time frame and I played with the lights and shadowing in my apartment… however I don’t think it was enough for the video to really see. A link to Bond’s question video can be found here:

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