Week Eleven Daily Creates

#1: Black’s birthday


#2: ds106 Book Cover

ds106 Book Cover

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4 Responses to Week Eleven Daily Creates

  1. I like your book cover! I think it is nice that you incorporated so many aspects of the class together in your cover.

  2. Abigail Deaconson says:

    So I appreciate the play on words in your card. Well played

  3. Jota Dinero says:

    I lol’d at “It was all fun and Games, until Someone put a hit out.” Nice work.

  4. Julia James says:

    The last thing that Maggie needs is darkness on her birthday with all of the darkness involved in this class! And I love your book cover! Nothing screams “noir” more than murder and dead bodies. Great work!
    Jewel out.

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