maNOIRpulators Review

So tonight I was able to catch the radio show maNOIRpulators. For starters I love the name and the play on noir that it is! The experience of listening in and live tweeting was interesting. It was exciting listening to student-made work and how people took the noir concept and ran with it. Although the show started with some ds106 mix ups making it confusing at first, the story was quickly on its way. I LOVED the used of sound effects. They seemed so seamlessly done! These sounds added so much to their story. There were times, toward the beginning, when there were no words but the sounds themselves set the scene. I was truly impressed! I also liked the development of the characters and their interactions. This was also heard through the great conversational recordings/ piecing together. I liked how voice distortion was used for the male voice as well. However, there were some parts when I couldn’t figure out which character was which. Because of this it made the plot a tad confusing for me at times. Overall though I think the radio show was great! I liked to funky and funny commercials… especially the noir cat food one! I look forward to hearing more ds106 radio shows!

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  1. Brianne Comden says:

    I really appreciate all the nice comments! Im glad you enjoyed our show :)

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