Hit Me Warning Poster

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This has been a warning brought to you by the Hit Me Agency. Keep your eyes out, and trust no one.

I wanted to make a warning poster for my agency so here it is. I started with the noir themed background. To be there is something symbolic about the street lamp in the dark. It sheds light but only allows you to see so much in the darkness. I made the “warning” title red and a larger font to catch readers attentions quickly. This is also to insure that no one can say they DIDN’T get a warning. I made the rest of the font smaller and white because it doesn’t need to be that eye catching. For the phrasing I came up with a phrase that would make people question and fear at the same time. Make them think, “Do they have a hit on them? Do they want someone hit? Do they have the nerve or the money?”. This poster is intended to get people to think. I hope that it does that for you. At the bottom of the poster is our agency’s contact information. A small font of course because I did not want it to take away from the warning.

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5 Responses to Hit Me Warning Poster

  1. This certainly captures the essence of the noir world we live in. Serves as a fair and reasonable warning. Also placing your tags on here is a good way to help promote your agency.

  2. Paul says:

    There’s something ironic about the juxtaposition of “hit” and “4life.” I like it.

  3. I love the shadows and the coloring in your warning poster! It really reels me in. I may have to look up your agency.

  4. Jota Dinero says:


    Need to get that trending lol good work

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