Beware Lawrence Spitler Poster

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Lawrence Spitler posterBeware of Lawrence Spitler! A true ladies man.

I decided to create a poster about Lawrence after our radio show. In our show, as well as his character description, he is one with the ladies. Has a different woman every night and only leaves tears and heartbreak. All of which lead to his demise you’ll hear in our radio show found here: Broadcasting Week 7. After her… quick encounter with Lawrence, Veronica was so furious and upset she created a poster warning all ladies of Lawrence!

I wanted to keep the poster simple so that the main ideas got threw. I bolded the title to catch attention and also made key words red to pop out. I also highlighted Lawrence’s name so it was seem quick and easily. For the text I went with a less is more approach, and came up with a catchy rhyme. So watch out Lawrence, the women are after ya!

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4 Responses to Beware Lawrence Spitler Poster

  1. This is really interesting. I like the way you played with font and color to add a certain tone to your words. That was a very smart use of design. I almost wish that you did more with the background design, but I also really like the simplicity and cleanness of this – very good noir feel.

  2. I like the catchy rhymes in this poster. This would keep me away from Lawrence if I saw it xD. I also like how the character Veronica made this after he had left her in the morning. Very vengeful and scandalous.

  3. Tiffany Yowell says:

    I always love a good rhyme and I really like how you made Lawrence’s name pop with the black background and white text. He’s not a totally terrible guy…he’s in for a big change. :) Nice work!

  4. Mia Boleis says:

    I love how simple this poster is. It tells so much with so little! That can be difficult to do but you did it well! I love the rhyme as well. It is very catchy.

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