Week Thirteen Summary- From Russia With Love CASE CLOSED

Well what a long week it has been piecing this case together with the members of my agency. We found it best to communicate by phone calls and emails. Since we had all our members doing different tasks and in different places were able to solve the case fairly quickly. It was just the finally piecing together that took time. Didn’t want to give our client the wrong answer. The full case with our evidence and full story line can be found here.

To sum up the case it seems that Misha and Groom met through a mutual friend, Bond. The two of them hit it off and began dating, this made Bond very angry with Groom since Bond liked Misha too. However Misha did not like Bond that way. This resulted in Bond wanting Groom to disappear thus him contacting our agency Hit Me. Misha picked up on the hostile tensions between Bond and Groom and asked her brother to get involved. Misha’s brother was very worried for Groom so kidnapped him for his safety. This would explain all the “friendly” photos in the original case file. While Groom was kidnapped by Misha’s brother, the brother contacted Hit Me to have Bond killed. Bond caught wind of this and disappeared of the grid for his own safety. Seeing all of the craziness, Misha decided to run away with a new man, Jack, leaving both Groom and Bond. And as if this wasn’t a twist enough turns out according to a tweet and photo of the Russian Tea Room that Misha is actually named Martha… Burtis perhaps??

Its strange all the things that can happen within one love triangle. Enjoy! -Veronica

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Veronica’s Case Progress

What a busy and twist turning week it has been. Found lots of evidence on the From Russia With Love case. I think between the four agents we have our bases covered. Now time to all get together or call (although that could be dangerous) and piece the case together. We know there is a love triangle, numerous hits and bonds broken in the case… its just finalizing the details. Got a call from Victoire today regarding what she found on the case and her questions and answers. I also have to give Laurence and Shirley a call to update them on things I found back in Headquarters. But have to go for now, more snooping to be done.

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Progress on “From Russia with Love” Case- Week Twelve Summary

Well a lot has developed this past week! Our agency has been out, about, and all over the country trying to find out what happened to Groom while in L.A. So far the evidence discovered has led us to a love triangle between Groom, Bond, and Misha. Bond seems to me angry with Groom over dating Misha and is threatening him. Not too long after, we discovered a hit request out on Groom from a “B”. Groom then contacted Misha in fear, which lead to Misha asking her brother for help with Groom’s safety. I’m not sure what her brother is suppose to do…

Later this week ANOTHER hit arrived at Headquarters for Bond. Now someone wants him gone too!? They left it with Victoire and she said it was all in Russian. Odd! I then had Shirley use her computer skills to check up on Bond but then he mysteriously disappeared. Was he hit? Is he in hiding? If so from who? So many twists and turns with this case.

Our evidence can be found at: https://the1agency.wordpress.com/. My first set of notes and comments on earlier discoveries can be found here: Veronica’s Progress Report. And lastly my voice notes summing up the evidence thus far can be hear here: Veronica’s Notes 2.

Updates on the case can also be found by following @HitMe4Life and @VeronicaRed40. I hope we figure it out soon, Hit Me could use the money. -Veronica


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Veronica’s Progress Report

So our agency has been given a new case, From Russia with Love. It’s not the kind of case we are used too but non the less if money’s involved we’ll do it. Something is definitely fishy with this case. Many thoughts went through my head when first reviewing the case files. While my team is out and about pulling evidence I, being the Boss, am back at headquarters. Seeing if anything turns up in the home front. So far a few things have been unearthed. Seems Groom “BO” and Misha have or had a thing going on. Groom seems to think Bond is after him. And maybe rightly so we here at Hit Me received a Hit called out on Jim Groom. What are the odds… Misha also seems to think Groom is in trouble and calls her brother in to help. Our discovered evidence so far is below. But have to get back to the agency now… It’s not going to run itself. -Veronica

A Letter to Misha from BO

Hit Me at your Service

Misha’s Brother Gets Involved


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“Hit Me” with the Week Eleven Summary

Another week has come and gone. This week I got together with my group and through Google Docs and group messaging we created our agency “Hit Me”. We take care of any “problems” you have and put them to rest. We created a website for our agency https://the1agency.wordpress.com/ as well as an email HitME4Life@gmail.com. In designing the website we all took various pages and together created the whole thing using our web assignments. For this week I created the Contact Form page, the Who can get the job done page, as well as Veronica’s Bio on the Staff page. For our agency I also created a twitter account @HitMe4Life to communicate with the ds106, noir106 world.

This week I also completed 10 stars of assignments. Five of them web: Veronica Smith’s Resume and Veronica’s Pintrest and five of them design: Hit Me Agency Card and Hit Me Warning Poster. I was happy that we were able to pick what category in the assignment bank we wanted to do for half. I think having that freedom allows me to be more creative. Most of the assignments I did this week went to benefit the creation of “Hit Me”. I am curious to see where this agency will go in the world of noir106.

Lastly for this week I shared my thoughts about works/blogs I saw in Commenting Noir part 5. A lot of good work and agencies out there! Also this week I completed two Week Eleven Daily Creates. Until next week, enjoy! -Veronica

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Week Eleven Daily Creates

#1: Black’s birthday


#2: ds106 Book Cover

ds106 Book Cover

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Hit Me Warning Poster

3 Stars


This has been a warning brought to you by the Hit Me Agency. Keep your eyes out, and trust no one.

I wanted to make a warning poster for my agency so here it is. I started with the noir themed background. To be there is something symbolic about the street lamp in the dark. It sheds light but only allows you to see so much in the darkness. I made the “warning” title red and a larger font to catch readers attentions quickly. This is also to insure that no one can say they DIDN’T get a warning. I made the rest of the font smaller and white because it doesn’t need to be that eye catching. For the phrasing I came up with a phrase that would make people question and fear at the same time. Make them think, “Do they have a hit on them? Do they want someone hit? Do they have the nerve or the money?”. This poster is intended to get people to think. I hope that it does that for you. At the bottom of the poster is our agency’s contact information. A small font of course because I did not want it to take away from the warning.

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Commenting Noir part 5

A few of my comments from this week. I was so nice to get to know everyone’s characters more! Also the various agencies we have are very creative. My favorite assignments I saw were the pinterests and the business cards.


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Hit Me Agency Card

2 stars


Veronica Smith “The Boss” of the new agency Hit Me. If you don’t know what we are about then you don’t need our services. https://the1agency.wordpress.com/

The creation of our agency’s card was simple. I found the background image online and felt it would be a nice design. Our agency has men and women and the shadow really could be either. The image also left me with a lot of white space to write in. I used red lettering to make the agency’s name and motto pop out. The red I think accents the black and white well, and also is the color of danger. Then I added our contact information in black as a secondary feature. Also the black is a tad more hidden so if you want to contact us you have to find us… and be sure you want our services.


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Veronica’s Pintrest

2 stars


Being that I love fashion, hair, and all things New York I have created a pintrest! Four different boards to organize my interests. Fashion for those lovely dresses and styles. Hair for those gorgeous victory curls. Shoes… well lets face it every women needs pumps. And New York just to add some of the excitement and landscape of the big city. If you are interested in any of these please follow me, and feel free to share any pins you think I would love!

This assignment was on the easier side. Since Veronica already had a email address I just created her an account. Then I created several boards for her: Fashion, Hair, Shoes, and New York. To find the pins I typed in “1940” into the search and went from there organizing into the different boards. To get more specific pins I used “1940 [name of board]”. To see Veronica’s pinterest more in full visit: https://www.pinterest.com/redmissouri/

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